It’s Friday!

Friday happenings include coloring the neatest {& most recent} paper craft set from Made by Joel with my Junebug. I ended up completing most of the coloring myself, but June has been the one playing with the set all day–such simple fun! My kids & I adore Made by Joel artwork & paper crafts. All he asks is a small Paypal donation in exchange for your download (or not, he’s very generous like that, isn’t that nice?).

Following our crafting morning, June & I went for a ski before the trail completely melts away in the January thaw. Our two cats are always right behind the skis when we head out, silently padding along one track or the other.





June added herself--"the baby"--to the family & that's me in an awesome handknit sweater coat.

June added herself–“the baby”–to the family.



Pepper follows.

Pepper follows.

Socks relaxes after his long walk.

Socks relaxes after his long walk.

Merritt's snowman bird feeder.

Merritt’s snowman bird feeder.

Merritt made the sweetest snowman birdfeeder last night after school.

He was very proud of his work.

IMG_3576A joyfulย weekend ahead!


7 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Looks like somebody is having a great time and hard at work…how neat is that. Such a cute little paper craft family. Love the snow man- great idea with the birdfeeder- couldn’t do that around here…Luther thinks he’s a bird lately and has been scarfing up all the bird seed….
    Have a great weekend.


    • Oh no! I hope Luther is a dog? Lol, probably a silly question! Our chickens absolutely ADORE birdseed & make a literal beeline for the feeders as soon as we open the chicken run gate in the morning. Surprisingly, those silly hens have not located the snowman feeder yet…they’re not the most intelligent of birds, I’m afraid. A lovely weekend to you as well, Camilla, complete with lots of new birds at your feeder perhaps! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Oh Ruby, again such beautiful pictures! Makes me feel as if I am right next to Junie playing with her craft! Too sweet! And tell Merritt I adore his birdfeeder – what a fun place for a bird to lite and eat!!!
    Hugs, Mom


    • I think the only birds that have found his feeder are, unfortunately, the invasive House Sparrows! Oh well, they’re birds, too, right? When we visit in April I will be sure to print out a new Made by Joel paper craft for you & June to color together–she would love that, I’m certain! Miss you.


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