Winter read, winter walk {yarn along}


June received the book Over and Under the Snow from her dad & I for Christmas. I bought it on a whim at a local Nature Center. I could not resist the cover. The illustrations are quaint & beautiful.  I want to live in this book. The story centers on a father & young daughter as they cross-country ski through the woods. Reminded me of skiing with my dad when I was little at Willow River State Park in NW Wisconsin. The duo in Kate Messner’s book spot many animals & signs of animals that exist thanks to the snowpack & the world that flourishes beneath their swishing skis. We have read it countless times since June opened the package. The few times we’ve been skiing since the snowfall last week she’s been riding on my back & chattering away about the animals under the snow.  She’s especially interested in the “hares” that live under our ski trail.

I completed a wispy cardigan for June on Friday (hopefully I’ll post on that next week) & began a 3-6mos pullover for my childhood friend who welcomed her third son Earthside in December. I’m using Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK in Julep. I like the way this yarn feels & knits up, but it is very stringy–the twist is extremely loose. It’s sleek & soft, however, so perfect for baby items.

Yesterday, after Merritt hopped off the bus, the kids & I went hiking in Pileated Woods. We found a lot of tracks. The creek had refroze in frosty masterpieces. It was like we had entered Kate Messner’s book.

Joining in with Ginny.


We're thinking mink tracks.

We’re thinking mink tracks.







23 thoughts on “Winter read, winter walk {yarn along}

    • I so agree–the ice looked magical & the patterns were quite intriguing. My eldest thought the last ice pattern I photographed looked a bit like a tessellation. I would most definitely recommend the book Over and Under the Snow if you enjoy skiing and/or have small children who enjoy the outdoors. 🙂


    • It was pretty awesome how the colors worked out this week! Maybe the colors were what initially drew me to the book’s cover. I truly do judge a book by its cover, however wrong that may be! 🙂


  1. Oh that looks like a book I would enjoy and also Foghorn- the illustrations in itself are magic. I love how t you have your own Messner forest…love how the ice makes such beautiful nature art. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  2. Again…….BEAUTIFUL PICS! And I remember reading that book to Junie Bug at Christmas and she really did like it a lot! I love kids’ books! Mom


    • I wanted to buy this book for you, too, at Christmas but there were only 2 at the Nature Center & I really wanted Theo to have a copy. Sorry about that, I know how much you appreciate beautifully written/illustrated children’s books.


  3. Such a pretty baby sweater–and your nature pictures are stunning. I miss the mid-west in the winter-but do not miss the hot humid Minnesota summers! I think my little Granddaughter would love that little book too–the cover is quite appealing!

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    • I’m with you in regards to the humidity! Iowa has horrendous humidity in the summer, just awful. The only good thing about humidity is it seems to make the curls in my girls’ hair look exceptionally sweet. 😉

      I highly recommend the book to any little girl or boy. 🙂


    • Thank you for saying so! A lot of folks think Iowa is just flat & ugly–and there are many many MANY parts of the state that are indeed flat, covered in corn, barren, boring, scarred–but traditionally Iowa was such a beautiful place & many parts of the state continue to be so. I especially like the Loess Hills of the NW region and the entire NE corner is amazing. 🙂


  4. That book is on the top of our winter reading pile. We bought it also on a whim (like you, the art was just so amazing) and my daughter goes back for it every 3 to 4 days. Just a magical read…

    The color of your yarn is to die for… Beautiful!


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