Just a bit

chicken feather

chicken feather

We got a bit of snow overnight (hooray!) but then the winds today made merry with it & now we have a drift in front of our garages, a trace of snow in the yard, and much snow hiding between the taller grasses & tucked here & there in the woods. Bitterly chilly today, I don’t believe the wind allowed the temps to break 0’F, but I stuck to my resolutions & ventured outside for a walk with June, bundled up like I was in the Himalayas.

We are forecast to receive between 4 & 7 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon/evening. I’m excited at the prospect of snowshoeing/nordic skiing snow.  I also excited for Downton Abbey’s American premiere tonight.  And the Bacon Butternut Squash Soup simmering on the stove.

Is there snow where you are?


14 thoughts on “Just a bit

  1. Yes, we have snow here in Tucson Arizona! Not much left, but ‘just a bit’ now…makes me sad it’s melting…. I love snow! But not the bitter cold. Stay warm, Rubes! Mom

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    • I cannot believe you still have snow! I am happy for you–I know how hard it is for you to miss the Wisconsin winters…they can be tough & long, but it’s part of who you are. Hugs!


    • We are getting a huge storm, too! I wonder if we’re getting your weather as it slides southeast? That’s fairly awesome to consider! Enjoy the powder & send it on down here! I am almost 100% positive my kids will be out of school tomorrow, too, on account of the snow. They are absolutely giddy–they can finally use their new snowshoes from Christmas. Stay warm by a fire later, Camilla. xx


  2. Isn’t it wonderful how snow brings so much joy to our winter world? We have snow again after having lost most of it over the holidays but like you it is bitterly cold now – winter is here it would seem 🙂 you are inspiring me to get outside nevertheless, Ruby! xo


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