Facing the year ahead


A new year.  A fresh slate.  What’s on the horizon?

I admit I am one of those people who tend to ponder quite a bit before December 31st each year.  Ponder the changes I’d like to see in myself, my actions, my hobbies, my life in general.

Be a better parent.

Be a kinder parent.

Be a more loving wife.

Nag less.

Be more gentle when I’m stressed out.

Be less stressed out.

Enjoy the DAY.

Flex my knitting muscles.

Read more.

Read at all!

Listen to my children more fully.

Get out of bed with a smile.

Purposefully watch a sunrise.

Or sunset.

Go birding more.

Keep a more complete birding list.

Attempt a county big year.

Enjoy my own backyard.

Be more “put-together” on a daily basis.

Stop concentrating on how quickly time passes & just enjoy the moments.

Lose a little weight.

Clean the microwave.

Clean my inbox.

Stop communicating with people like it’s 1898.*

*Side note: My best friend lamented to me in an email earlier this year that it seems like we communicate with one another like it’s 1898 despite the fact we email/text/etc…I laughed out loud when I read it, but, seriously, why does email seem to make communicating more difficult sometimes?

Okay there’s a lot, apparently, for me to do.

I do think I need to just get outside more on a daily basis for pure sanity’s sake–even when the weather is awful.  We are a very active family as it is–we take a lot of day trips & walk/hike/bike/ski/snowshoe more than the average American family–but some days I find myself not even going outside my front door except to get in my car.  Yikes!  It seems contrary to everything I believe myself to be….

I would also like to gather all my birding lists together & commit the information to one journal.  A journal like this one, but it’s out of print & I really do not want to pay so much for a used book.  If anyone knows where I can get a new one, I’m all ears!

Lastly, I think I need a change in my knitting life.  That sounds SO silly (especially to those who do not knit, I’m sure), but I feel like this last year has been all about my Etsy shop & knitting items for the shop.  I’ve knit so many pairs of fingerless mitts this year I may wind up fingerless.  I am an intermediate knitter who has allowed herself to remain stuck in that particular skill level for years for no apparent reason.  It’s time to tackle new projects.  I have never knit a sweater for myself.  Not even a shawl.  I’ve started dozens, but always ripped the projects out for whatever reason.  I’m going to wrap up a few projects this month–a sweater for June, a scarf for me–and then shake up the knitting bag, starting with a basic sweater.  For myself.  Someone needs to hold me to this…if you find me sitting in a coffee shop this winter secretly knitting another pair of fingerless mitts, PLEASE take the knitting (leave the needles).  I thus plan to either close my Etsy shop or at least queue most of the listings for awhile.  I do, however, hope to collaborate again with Camilla over at Mountain Girl Yarns on another knitting pattern as it was so much fun the first time!  I’ve been pondering an idea after viewing a photograph of an Anna’s Hummingbird spotted in Wisconsin this past fall–a very rare visitor!  Inspiring.


So, despite the exciting anticipation of a fresh slate, I still find myself a bit somber when the year comes to a close.  Probably for the same reason I get melancholy around birthdays.  I really do not like how fast my children have aged…how fast I’ve aged….how fast my parents have aged…there’s a time, a season for everything, I know that…but I suppose I cannot change who I am at the core.  The end of a year will always be bittersweet to me.  I promise, however, to embrace the NOW more in the day’s ahead & try to face each morning with a smile.  Find the joy in just BEING.

Being here right now is good.

Happy 2015!

If you would like to share a resolution you’ve made for yourself, absolutely please do so in the comments section.



13 thoughts on “Facing the year ahead

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  2. Happy healthy New year Ruby! Loving your post today- I can relate in many ways…it is bittersweet, fells like life is rushing by super fast- and I don’t like getting older! Trying to spend as much quality time with the kids(when the older ones let me) family is so precious. Your list sounds glorious, I get the knitting thing- been there but I also really worked hard this year to try new things, challenging but fun. You can do it, hard getting out of the rut but once you have it’s a whole new world out there Ruby 🙂 I can’t wait to collab with you. My resolution or “word” is “peaceful” 2014 left me kind of frantic and rushed…so this year I want to slow down the pace. Birds…I have a bird bar outside, every morning I shovel off all the snow on my porch and spread seed out for them, it truly has made my winter so much brighter to watch the little “puffy’ lovelies.
    Have a lovely , creative and fun year ahead with your beautiful family.


    • Thank you for the knitting encouragement, Camilla–you have definitely inspired me to mix it up this year!

      I really REALLY like your idea of a theme word for the year & PEACEFUL is an amazing pick. I feel very rushed & frantic & hurried & stressed a lot…I know I need to calm down, settle down, enjoy the moment. The now. The pictures on your blog definitely evoke your word superbly & impart much peace to your readers–thank you for that.

      A bird bar? How cool! I absolutely agree–birding//bird watching is such a joy, especially when it’s below zero (F) outside & the house starts to feel a bit claustrophobic. “Puffy lovelies,” love that! Before a snowstorm we always get a bunch of Blue Jays to our feeders. Last year before a big snow we had a record 14 Blue Jays visit at one time. Today I’ve counted five…but the snow’s not quite here yet. xx


  3. Happy New Year! This is a truly lovely post and so nice to read! Your “1898” comment had me laughing out loud for AGES… I recently got told that I write like Emily Bronte … I decided to take it as a complement (I love Emily Bronte) but I’m pretty sure it wan’t meant to be. AND I totally agree with the email thing. I feel like I could write a thousand emails that never say half of what a single hand written letter could. I never make resolutions but I do kind of like the idea of a single word which I can remind myself of every time I think of where I’m going with this life. So I am reminding myself to be “Stronger”- in everything… my faith, my family, my own body, all my efforts really.


    • I was howling with laughter when my friend sent me that email about “1898”–it is pretty funny! I definitely agree–a single hand-written letter seems to mean & communicate so much more than the daily barrage of emails we must write & read…I guess it’s the effort, the extra energy/love that must go into a handwritten letter nowadays? I wonder if our grandchildren will even use the Post when they are adults!?

      Stronger is another excellent word to live by…you’ve given me much food for thought with your comments, thank you! And Happy 2015 to you, too! xx


    • Happy New Year, Ness! I still have not started the sweater, oops! I did finish June’s sweater & then started a baby sweater for a childhood friend’s new baby. So at least I haven’t knit anymore pairs of fingerless mitts–score! Lol. Miss you & I apologize for being so ditzy with our communication. I need to write you an email…as always. xx


  4. I’ll hold you to that sweater commitment! 😉 a great list, one worth thinking about and certainly one that resonates- especially getting out of bed with a smile – that would/will be a tough one for me. Love that golden light on your daughter, Ruby, she looks angelic. xoxo

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