Little Goddess {Yarn Along}






I’ve had in my yarn stash for some time (close to a decade) the remnants of a few skeins of Goddess Yarns ‘Phoebe’ and “Julia.’ I lost the labels long ago & I have no idea what I knit with the yarn that is now gone from the skeins. To be honest, I could not even remember the yarn’s name until this past Monday when I received an email from none other than Norah Gaughan herself–eek!  I knew the skeins were somehow connected to Norah…I could picture her name on the labels, but that was it.  My mommy-brain was refusing t0 retrieve the rest of the information for me.  I sent an email regarding the yarn using Norah’s website contact form & received a very quick response–isn’t that cool? Goddess Yarns. Yes! I remember now. Would I be able to find more? Nope, went out of business. That’s a real drag.  This yarn is pure bliss. Baby Alpaca (Phoebe) and a Wool/Kid Mohair/Alpaca blend (Julia). Thick, but springy. Plied. Aran/Worsted weight. It is divine. I’ve honestly never felt anything like it & I’ve knit with a lot of alpaca. What to do with the small amount I had left? I suppose I did what I always do–knit a hat, I’m boring–but it turned out to be the most beautiful hat, for my very own handknit-appreciating little goddess. She truly LOVES anything I knit her. It is just awesome. She’s been wearing the hat for two days straight–to bed, to eat, whenever we leave the house, playing in the house, hikes in the woods. She wants it on all the time. I would, too, if I had a hat made of Goddess Yarns. For the repeating Sugar Plum color I used Camilla’s merino single-ply (angel-soft). Three goddesses in one, no?

June & I took a long hike/walk yesterday afternoon.  Visited Prairie Creek while we waited for Merritt to arrive home on the bus.  She pretended to be a “racer” with two gnarly sticks she found in the woods.  In the evening after her bath she put her hat back on immediately.  I needed to comb her hair.  She told me she was hiding her hair so I couldn’t comb it…this little goddess has smarts.

I’m continuing to read Leopold’s Sand County Almanac–I think this will be my third full reading.  Also started Jon Krakauer’s Eiger Dreams–bought it in college when I was really into Mt. Everest (& Krakauer) & mountaineering, but don’t think I ever actually read all the stories in the slim, but stirring book.

Joining in with Ginny.


12 thoughts on “Little Goddess {Yarn Along}

  1. Gorgeous hat! And the pictures are gorgeous too! Wish I had that smile of Junie’s right here in front of me! Argh! Can’t wait for Christmas now….to see all your kiddos. Love, Nana Hammond


  2. Oh my goodness what a Goddess!;) Its always a little sad when a beautiful yarn is no longer in production – I’m knitting (another) shawl with a lovely shetland wool from a mill no longer in operation (or not at least under the same company name). However, I think that makes the yarn feel a little more precious as a result. I’m so glad your little goddess is treasuring her new hat – it’s both perfectly adorable (worthy of a little goddess) and practical, too! Those colours in that last shot are really, really lovely – good colour inspiration 🙂 xo


  3. There’s that little cutie that makes me smile from ear to ear.
    No wonder she wears the hat all day- I would too, you have such great color sense, very nice combination. That is so nice that the co. gave you a quick response- yessss to customer service 🙂
    After your last post Leopold sounds good- thanks for the tip.

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    • You MUST read Leopold’s Sand County Almanac, Camilla, as I know you find much in common with his philosophy. Thank you-always-for your kind words! I hope you and your beautiful family are having a happy holiday with much skiing!


    • I hope you have a lovely holiday, Brienne, wherever you call home. Krakauer is a brilliant writer, highly recommend his books. And it was pretty awesome to get a personal email from Norah, yes! 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh… your girls! I cannot say how cute!!
    I adore hats that end in a point- Pixi style! Its certainly not boring and just think… when she is older she may not remember a lot about these days but she will likely remember being clothed with fabric made from pure love!

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  5. We may have lived along parallel lines through parts of our life — I had that same Everest/mountaineering/Krakauer phase in college. You might enjoy Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard. That was pretty life-changing for me when I first got out of school!

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