Tiny {Yarn Along}



bird feeders at rest, humbling sky

bird feeders at rest, humbling sky



tosh tea cakes



tiny flora’s tidy handwarmers


in my etsy shop



tiny newborn cap in Suri alpaca, in my etsy shop

I did not purposefully set out to find the tiny this week. I cast on some fairly hefty Christmas gifting projects this past weekend–a sweater for June & a starfish pillow for Merritt–but the yarn I chose did not match the projects as I had hoped & thus I ended up ripping out several hours worth of knitting by Saturday evening.

I found a box on Sunday of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light mini skeins that I bought last year around this time & forgot about, evidently. The box is called ‘Tosh Tea Cakes’ & it is a kit for garland from Jimmy Beans Wool. I thought about knitting the garland, but instead found myself knitting up tiny handwarmers with the mini skeins for the shop. Handwarmers so small they will probably never sell–what newborn wears handwarmers???–but it felt right to work on something tiny.  Tiny stitches.

I recently found the most wonderful shop on Etsy for tiny paintings of foxes. Foxes wearing handknits. Foxes hanging out by a campfire. Foxes hanging out by a cabin, by a cottage. And the best part is the canvas the artist paints these tiny masterpieces upon is sized 3 inches X 3 inches & each comes with a little easel on which to display your tiny work of art. Tiny beauty.

Our feeder has been receiving a very tiny amount of birds this week.  As opposed to the very large number last week. It’s cold, but there is no snow anymore.  Tiny visitors in tiny numbers.

I found myself knitting a tiny newborn cap yesterday in the softest Suri alpaca I’ve been saving from an alpaca farm down the road that went out of business.  Suri alpaca is just so soft, perfect for those new bundles that arrive Earthside, of which I’ve personally welcomed three living.  A tiny pleasure indeed.

So why the tiny?  I really wasn’t sure & then I read Leigh’s post regarding the beginning of Advent.  Thank you, Leigh, for making my random tiny-ness make perfect sense. xoxo

Joining in with Ginny.  Hope you find some tiny pleasures, too, this month.


16 thoughts on “Tiny {Yarn Along}

  1. Madeline tosh… is there a more delicious yarn?!? I actually go to my local (expensive) wool shop just to stick my hands all over some Madeline Tosh because I can’t afford it! LOL
    I love that hat! You are such a prodigious knitter!


  2. What a beautiful collection of pictures and of tiny things – I love the alpaca hat. So cute! As someone who tends to get a bit overwhelmed at this time of year, that post was a great reminder to stop and enjoy the little things, thank you 🙂


    • Oh, that is wonderful to read, Laura! I’m so glad I was able to pass my tiny appreciation along to someone else. Sometimes it is truly humbling to pause & examine the minute aspects of life. Thank you for the visit.


  3. Dear Ruby, I feel so ashamed in coming so late to this post – I am really struggling to keep up with my online visits. Thank you so VERY much for this link – how incredibly kind of you. Those tiny newborn mitts are just the thing to fill my heart with a giant love. XOXO


    • I absolutely know the feeling, Leigh, which was why I quit Facebook, IG, etc over a year ago…it was difficult to keep up so many online “houses” & I was constantly wracked with guilt if I didn’t “visit” enough…never worry about stopping here…we can always connect at your lovely blog! And when you do stop by, it will always be much appreciated. 🙂 Your ‘Advent’ post was so very, very touching…inspired many people’s posts, I am sure of it. Your written voice is gentle & kind & comforting…poetry. xo


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