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“Seriously, Ruby, what good are hand warmers?”–I was asked this question last week after the release of my pattern Flora’s Tidy Hand Warmers. Until I actually knit myself a pair of hand warmers/fingerless gloves/mitts & wore them throughout the course of a day, I, too, felt the fingerless-anything was a frivolous waste of good yarn. But I have seen the woolly light & find hand warmers immensely useful:

*staying warm driving my son to & from school–my car is cold for at least 5-10minutes

*protection from temperature changes when working (hauling wood, delivering mail, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, etc)

*protection from temperature changes when using binoculars (we bird a lot) or knitting in the elements (soccer games, football games, etc)

*essential spring/fall accessory when full-blown mittens/gloves are too much


*playing the trumpet in marching band in the fall (my daughter)

*cleaning your iPad/iPod/iPhone screen (my son)

*keeping the outer side of your hand clean whilst drawing with chalk, colored pencils or charcoal (my daughter–she has a pair of fingerless gloves specifically devoted to this activity)

*little ones who want to play outside & manipulate objects, but the bite of spring or fall is too much for bare hands

*drinking hot cocoa, hot tea, hot coffee, hot cider–save some trees, skip that cardboard coffee cup sleeve!

*looking like a hispter (husband, not me)

*looking like a really cool knitter (me me me, lol)

There are plenty of other reasons, these are just mine. I stocked my Etsy shop yesterday with three new pairs of Flora’s Tidy Hand Warmers ready-to-ship & pictured above, graciously modeled by my daughter.  I’m particularly fond of this pair.

Use the code REPEAT10 for 10% off anything in the Ella Mae Knits Etsy Shop if you’d like.

I found the combination of Mountain Girl Yarns sock weight with Quince & Co Chickadee (a strand of each held together) is an inspired combination for Flora’s Tidy Hand Warmers–creates a beautiful, squishy-soft & stretchy pair (last two photos).  I also experimented with Noro Kureyon (first photo) with my pattern & found it knits up beautifully…I just can’t decide if I like the fact that the pair is completely non-indentical.  Thoughts?

Coralee & I spotted a new species of bird at our feeder on Monday.  We spent some time with its identification as it was a very interesting bird.  A beautiful ruddy-colored, round-fat sparrow with amazing streaking on the breast, foraging under the feeder among a healthy passel of House Sparrows.  A Fox Sparrow.

Always feels good to positively identify a new bird.  I think the research involved in the identification commits the species to long-term memory, more so than when a birder more knowledgeable than I points out a new bird & labels it for me on the spot.

Joining in with Ginny.


15 thoughts on “noro hand warmers, emk shop update, fox sparrow {yarn along}

    • We probably keep our house too cold, too. My thermostat is never set below 65, but the house is really drafty so many parts probably never make it above 60. I wear my fleece jacket inside a lot. 🙂


  1. I balked at the thought of fingerless mitts for the longest time, until I was given a pair and fell deeply in love, they really are the perfect late fall/pre-winter accessory! While we are now in serious mitten layer mode here in Canada, I look forward to making a pair of “Flora’s” in the spring, these latest ones you have made are all so pretty and inspiring 🙂 xoxo


    • Oh, thank you, Leigh, for your kind words. I am certain we are in serious mitten mode here as well, but I am refusing to comply until after the American Thanksgiving holiday. I need to start wearing socks again, too. My previously-frostbit toes ache now when there’s a cold front coming in & it’s entirely because of my own silliness. Your beautiful mitten posts are reason enough to cover up the extremities in woolly goodness. I think a pair of mittens shall find themselves onto my needles soon. xx


  2. What a great idea! My girls would just fall head over heels with these!! My Christmas to-knit list is ridiculous but maybe just maybe I can fit these in!


    • You have some great uses, Camilla! Soothing arthritic hands is SO very true. I like to soak my handwarmers in a lanolin/woolwash bath, inside-out. Then when I wear them my eczema-ridden knuckles are in bathed in soft, soothing heaven for awhile. xo


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my handwarmers, Rubes. I look for them every morning – will take my lovely new pair to Tucson with me when I depart – thanks for the gift. Love, from Mom (Nana)


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