Cat Cold



We have two farm cats that live outside. They used to roam all over the fields & through the woods when we first took them in a few years ago. Once we had them both fixed they took up residence in our garage & their wandering days ended abruptly (probably a good thing). Now they’re garage cats.  And quite lazy.  Yesterday the female, Pepper, showed up at the back porch screen door, whining to come in, but that’s nothing new. She’d love to be a house cat. I am extremely allergic to cats, however, so that’s never going to happen. But yesterday was just so very very cold for November & June wanted to play with her kitty so badly, I balked & let her hang out in a laundry basket for an hour while June mothered her and “doctored” her with her play doctor kit and gave her balls of my yarn.  An hour of pure bliss for June.  Later, after Pepper had been placed back in the garage with her brother Socks, June spent the rest of the day pleading & whining to let the kitty inside again…always consequences. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cat Cold

  1. Hi…why not let them in to a different room from where you are. I have not had any allergies at all to my cats…but some folks do suffer with the fine hair and dander. I know there is something new that you can rub onto the fur for allergic folks. I will try to find out about it. THat is one darling sweet kittie who wants to be part of your inside family .


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