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Since the weekend commenced, I have begun, half-finished, almost-finished, & even finished nearly a half-dozen projects & every single one is now wound up back as it were before the weekend…so I decided to read a book Sunday night. One of my favorite films of all time is ‘Cold Comfort Farm‘ starring Kate Beckinsale when she was like 22 or 24 or something.  I’ve probably watched it an unhealthy number in my lifetime.  I picked up the book ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ from the library as I have never read it & I seem to really enjoy checking out books & then not reading them…let’s just say Stella Gibbbons’ book WILL be finished & soon. I have been laughing with every page read. I was also inspired to finally, actually, knit something & not frog it. I call them Flora Poste’s Mitts, but I may change the name when I make it to a final pattern. This is version 1.0 modeled by Coralee in some fading light with my phone camera. I used some Merino wool/silk & they are delicate & stylish & warm & also reversible.  The reversible part I especially adore.  Absolutely a tidy object, one that I think Flora would choose to wear. I am excited to finish this pattern & knit some for my shop.

“…on the whole I thought I liked having everything very tidy and calm and round me, and not being bothered to do things, and laughing at the kind of joke other people didn’t think at all funny, and going for country walks, and not being asked to express opinions about things (like love, and isn’t so-and-so peculiar?).”

Flora Poste.  In the context of the story this is hilarious.  I swear this book is truly a FUNNY book in the genius sense.

Have you read any of Stella Gibbons’ books?

Joining in with Ginny.


23 thoughts on “Cold Comfort {yarn along}

  1. I bet this will come in very handy this cold season- very lovely color you chose. I have so many started and not finished things around the house too, my plan is to “have” to finish before I start on something new…well any way that is my plan, not sure it will work. Thanks for the tip about the movie- I will check that out.


    • I like that plan of yours–I should follow suit, but I already frogged most everything. I think it is my perfectionist tendencies. If a project isn’t turning out exactly as I think it should, I can’t seem to knit on it anymore. I should probably work on that tendency as expecting perfection all the time just sets one up for failure & misery.

      I hope you do check out Cold Comfort Farm! It is SUCH a wonderful comedy! There are so many classic lines from that film I find myself just saying out loud during the day, to no one at all, to lighten my mood. 😉


  2. What a great review – I’ve never heard of this book before and love how it motivated you to knit something (and not frog it! hahaha). These hand warmers are very lovely, Ruby 🙂 Wishing you a great day! xo


  3. I LOVE Cold Comfort Farm, although it’s years since I read it. I remember getting to the end and being so happy with it – sometimes in funny books, the ending lets down the rest of the book, but in this one, it was just right.

    Those mitts look lovely, and Flora Poste sounds like a great name for them. Pretty and practical 🙂


    • That is great to know! I am always quite sad anyway when a good book ends, so when a good book ends badly it’s always a shame.

      Hopefully the final version of the mitts will look better than this initial run…I’ve already changed a dozen aspects of the pattern with mitt #2. Feels good to make things tidy…ha! 😉


  4. I’ve been looking for Cold Comfort Farm in our library for months! Someone ALWAYS has it so I’ve had to place a hold. There are very few classic books that you ever have to place a hold on so it must be good! I’ve never seen the film- I’m holding out till I’ve read the book!


    • That’s so funny-I don’t think this book has been checked out in decades! It still has the old Dewey Decimal system markings on it and smelled, well, very very musty, kind of like bug spray…I hope you get the books soon, it’s so good! She wrote a sequel, too. I just requested that one.


    • When I picked this edition up from the stacks at the library, I wondered if anyone had checked it out in awhile…don’t think it’s been opened for ages as it smelled peculiarly like insect repellent, lol. I do love finding those gems at the library, however, funny smells & all. 🙂


  5. Hello Miss Ruby,
    I can’t wait to open your posts….. it’s just like getting a letter and pictures from an old friend… which they are! Gary is headed out the door to a Trout Unlimited meeting in Decorah and the library. We feel terrible about passing up our little one for the lure of the big town library, but it’s so good. I put in an order for Cold Comfort Farm. Love the Brits and their witty sense of humor. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who tears out and restarts a project at least five times. My motto is, By golly, if you’re going to do something, do it right. Besides, I figure with the quality of yarn and my time, I want a good result. I am mitt crazy right now and am knitting a pair of wool mitts for Gary to use when fishing. Wool from local black sheep in WI. Love to you all!


    • Hello Bernice! SO very very glad to hear from you! I miss you! I keep meaning to send you an email & I will do just that soon! I hope all is well in your part of Iowa–my favorite part. We pass up our local library for the brand new Taj Mahal of libraries in Cedar Rapids now. I used to feel bad about it, but like you say, it’s so good. I hope you enjoy the book–there’s a sequel, too–Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm.

      I think a trip to a Wisconsin sheep farm with you in the fall would be a day well spent. We MUST do something together in 2015. Must. xx


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