The Girl Who Saved Halloween & a Recipe







Picking up where my last post left off, June missed Halloween this year due to her croup. She wasn’t too upset because she was just too busy feeling awful. Her fevers have abated, thankfully, & now just her cough, her horrible cough, remains.

Friday–Halloween–was pure crazy around here at the Bodeker homestead. I had my daycare baby, unexpectedly, and it was an early out from public school for Merritt. I really did not know how I was going to make a nice Halloween for my kids, like I try to do each year, with the sickness & the busy day…in steps Coralee to the rescue! I set up the GIANT pumpkin, all 40+ pounds of it, in the dining room for her, with the lid cut out, & she went to it. She is ANAL about pumpkin carving, my goodness.  That pumpkin was CLEAN.  She also took it upon herself to decorate the house with her own artwork, something June loved. She kept the house picked up most of the afternoon, too, after spending all morning on schoolwork. Such a doll!  Brian took the older kids trick-or-treating for over an hour in the evening while June & I watched ‘Puss in Boots’ on DVD.

I am so thankful for how everything went last Friday & very grateful for all your well-wishes for June.  The good vibes have spurred me to share a recipe link with you. It is for Salted Caramel Date Loaf from my favorite cooking/baking blog on the planet, Not Without Salt. Most of my new recipes nowadays originate from Ashley’s blog. Everything I have made from her has been spectacular. The only changes I made to my Loaf recipe was I used chopped raisins (not dates), I put the raisins into the caramel reduction first before the water, and I baked it in a deep, round casserole dish so it was a cake & not a loaf. And as Ashley indicates in the recipe, it was better the next day. That would be today. I tried so hard to get a lovely photo, in focus, but I was too eager to get a forkful in my mouth before naptime ended & thus the photo turned out a little blurry. But it was so oh oh so good. Salty. Super moist. A bit bitter. Caramel undertones. Gooey. Just yum. No one in the house but me seems to really like it…which isn’t exactly making me upset. xx


5 thoughts on “The Girl Who Saved Halloween & a Recipe

  1. So happy that your girl saved the day- it’s wonderful when they do, take the initiative and do it their way, it makes the holidays even more special when they add their efforts and ideas. As for your little one- sorry that she was sick on Halloween- no fun! What a mouth watering recipe- it combine most of my favorite flavors-…drool and of course now I have to check that delicious bog out too. Have wonderful week ahead. Your package is on the way and should be there before the weekend!
    -Ps I tried posting a comment here close to 5 times yesterday- don’t know if it was me or what was going on, but glad I could today 🙂


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