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June has been waking up very early for about five days running & crying uncontrollably when she realizes she is all alone in bed. I’ve been trying in vain to get up early (pre-5AM) in order to set about tackling the piles of schoolwork & housework that grow ever more cumbersome around here, but to no avail. June just won’t have it. No matter how early I wake, she seems to be right behind me. Frustration ensues. Β It was very very foggy at the end of last week & I felt like it was a symptom of my existence. It is sunny today & it was incredibly warm yesterday, thankfully.

Just have to push on through the fog.

And maybe dig out your old boots & realize you still look pretty good in them.


11 thoughts on “Foggy

  1. Thanks for writing this…. I totally agree. I have to say I find a little bit of contentment in knowing I am not alone in this though. There are times that I get home and feel absolutely overwhelmed by life’s monotony of house chores, homework, dinner etc. I just can’t seem to be keep up with it and feel like it is smothering the life out of me. Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone in this and to push through! I’m blessed to call you friend!


    • It truly is a comfort to know that so very many tough women have gone through these trenches before us & look back with thankfulness & fondness. You are truly a wonderful friend yourself, Linds, so happy we found each other six years ago!


  2. Cleaning up after children is like shoveling in a snow storm
    – Phyllis Dillard

    Yes it’s a fog…but later in life you’ll look back at it and think what a beautiful fog it was….and in the end the kids don’t care if the house is clean or chores are done, it’s about you, that’s why the little one is right behind you. My foghorn is the rooster of the house early riser 5:30 am and fountain of questions….but now at 9 yrs. he lights candles and sets the table for Saturday breakfast πŸ™‚
    Nice shit kickers ruby- turn up the music dance!


    • SO TRUE!!!! Awesome quote, Camilla, THANK YOU! I absolutely agree with your words as my eldest is 12.5yo and I look back only with fondness & incredulity at where the years went…your 9yo sounds fantastic–lighting candles for breakfast????!!! Yes, please!

      My shit kickers came from Livingston, MT fifteen years ago & belonged to some unknown owner before me. Good things come from MT. xx


  3. Oh that never ending pile of laundry! And the fog, ugh! But just look at all that beautiful yarn that beckons… just the thing to push the recharge button πŸ™‚ Love the boots!


    • Yarn is a great tonic for the weary, indeed! Just the the thought of certain skeins of yarn put a smile on my face in the midst of life’s chaos. And then when I see my little ones running around in creations from my own hands, it’s even better. xx


  4. Oh gosh. I’m sorry. That can be very frustrating-I do know. Funny to be reading this now…it’s foggy here. πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with all this, truly wish I were there to share it with you and a cuppa. Thinking of you (oh, and those boots look DAMN good!)!


  5. Those boots bring back lots of memories for me, Rooster! Glad to see you still have them! Hope your ‘fog’ has lifted! Hugs, Mom


  6. Laundry… schoolwork… mess… winter and everyone crammed into the house for hours on end… I sympathize. Its hard while they are little. All things change and now I don’t see my girls for hours if they haven’t got to be out of bed.
    Nice boots. I need some boots but every time I even think of buying some I suddenly have three girls all piling on top of me clamoring for their own pair… I need to go to Nashville and visit Boot Country with their buy 1 get 2 deal.


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