Yarn Along {Porch Ponderings}

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Spent the entire morning yesterday on the back porch.  It was so cold in the house it was making me tired.  I sat in a chair directly in the sun & let her rays do their thing for about ten minutes.  What a pick-me-up!  I knit for a bit while the girls were inside eating breakfast.  Heard the Chickadees in the woods & a very, very loud woodpecker having a go at a tree.  The boxelders were pinging against the porch floor & screens every few minutes, losing their minds in the late October sunshine.

Our porch has been made ready for winter.  Wood stack in place, summer trappings in hibernation…the garden cleaned out, fall crop of Bibb lettuce nearly ready for harvest…but Autumn seems to have tightened her grip & made a power play…yesterday’s weather was just awesome.

I’ve frogged so many projects lately it’s a bit worrying…I can’t seem to commit….much like this Autumn weather, it’s here, it’s on the way out, it’s here again…currently I’m knitting a knit lovey with Camilla’s fiber thanks to Ginny’s post last week.  Hoping the project works out & it can become my go-to baby toy pattern for Christmas/shower gifts.

Planning to re-read Stephen Crane’s “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” today in order to aid Coralee with her Lit homework.  I think the last time I read it was in 11th grade.  That’s a lot of Autumns ago.

Joining in with Ginny.


18 thoughts on “Yarn Along {Porch Ponderings}

  1. You knit the most loveliest things – what a sweet toy and gift…I bet it will be well loved. You are lucky with all the bird symphonies. It seems as when mother nature takes a turn so do the birds- must put up some feeders this year.
    Happy Knitting on the porch


  2. I love a good wood pile! What a lovely day to spend in the sun – that sunshine DOES make such a difference. We’ve had such grey dreary days here – maybe you can send some of your sunshine up my way 🙂 xo


  3. I also have been dying to make that little knubbelchen and thought maybe I’d make a set for my girls that can live in the new playhouse they are getting soon. It’s such a cute pattern. Every time someone writes about their wood pile these days, I covet covet covet – we live in an old house in the country but they took the wood stove out some time before we bought it and we haven’t money to buy and install one again yet. Enjoy the coziness!


    • We used to live in town & did not have a fireplace/stove, either. We experienced an ice storm that knocked out power for almost 4 days during a very cold snap in February & it was truly awful. We vowed that when we moved we would be able to heat the house ourselves if we had to…but it’s been a double-edged sword for us. In Iowa, insurance companies do not like to insure homes with free-standing fireplaces & it has been very hard to find a reasonable policy as a result. So frustrating. We keep it cleaned & well-maintained & have working smoke alarms, etc…just a stinky situation. I love being able to make the fire myself in the morning & keep it going all day…my version of frontier living, I suppose! I hope you are able to install a stove soon, Sarah, & spend many an hour knitting peacefully beside it. 🙂 xx


  4. Ruby your pictures are so lovely! You take the BEST pics! Your garden pics are so vibrant! Hard to believe that soon they will be covered with SNOW! Time is flying! Hugs, Nana


  5. Just read “Bride Comes to Yellow Sky.” Wish I could write a story like that one. If Coralee likes it, suggest “Blue Hotel” as a followup. Photos are a good.portfolio of autumn and an approaching winter. Thanks Dad.


  6. What a delightful blog to come by and visit. The images have always been so rich. I must highlight this piece, so soothing: “Heard the Chickadees in the woods & a very, very loud woodpecker having a go at a tree. The boxelders were pinging against the porch floor & screens every few minutes, losing their minds in the late October sunshine.” You are ahead of us, both with the garden and with wood. Today I got a new chain-blade for my Stihl chainsaw … I hope do some cutting tomorrow. Peace.


    • So glad you are making headway on your wood stockpile. My husband is always very happy when he gets a new blade, but usually there was an incident that precipitated the need for a new blade, like his wife badgering him into sawing down to the ground a couple tree stumps that she thinks look unsightly. Thank you, as always, for stopping by T. Your words being quoted back at you in high regard is always a humbling experience. xx


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