Pedal Pusher

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June learned to pedal her “bike” today on the back porch in the morning sunshine & she was thrilled with herself.  She’s 3.5 years old, but we live on a gravel (dangerous) road and our driveway is also gravel with no cement or blacktop slab–hence her elderly age for just learning.  Her legs are finally the perfect length & something clicked cognitively leading to her milestone moment today.

After pedaling around awhile she stopped & looked at me & said, “I’m still your baby, Mama.”  Then she gave me a hug & kiss.  And pedaled away again.

photo 4

June’s Tunic: Debbie Bliss Picot Dress (she’s been wearing this dress since 6 months!).


11 thoughts on “Pedal Pusher

  1. Ruby, those are the words that need to be written down as you have done and remembered often, how sweet! I love June’s yellow dress – Debbie Bliss has produced some of the loveliest children’s patterns that have enduring appeal – as June demonstrates here. xo


    • I agree about Debbie Bliss. When I first took up knitting seriously over 10 years ago I thought Debbie Bliss yarn was the only yarn in the world worthy of being used–so foolish of me, but her patterns were presented so beautifully I wanted to do everything “right” when knitting one. Thank you so much for your words about motherhood/parenthood, a good reminder. xx


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