Knitter’s Life


When you’re in-between knitting projects & your eldest is at a Band lesson for 50 minutes & the baby is napping in the backseat of your parked* car…this works. Winding up the luxuriously-soft Mountain Girl Yarns ‘le Jardin’. The colors in this skein are a river of exquisiteness. Very excited to knit something {for me!} with this Montana treasure.

*Please do not ever attempt winding a skein while driving. I know, so silly that I feel the need to mention that…


7 thoughts on “Knitter’s Life

  1. Ack! you and Tracey are killing me! still waiting for mine to arrive…silly borders πŸ˜‰ I love the yarn you choose, can’t wait to see what you make with it! xo


    • I hope you get yours soon, Leigh! It is so wonderful. I am not being very adventurous with mine (wish I was) & just knitting the Jared Flood cap Camilla posted about before her shop stocking. Can’t wait to see your creation!


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