Yarn Along {Fledgling Featherweight}





I began knitting a Fledging Featherweight for Coralee this week. I’m using Quince & Co linen in the colorway Truffle (yarn from my now-frogged Kit Camisole–sad story for another day). Fledging is a Knitbot pattern I bought as part of a trio of popular Knitbot adult patterns sized down for children, fittingly called Little Knitbot. All three patterns are adorable, elegantly written, fun to knit, & require no seaming. Β It’s knitting up amazingly fast considering how little time I’ve had to knit lately.

Finally picked up The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society novel from the library. Still haven’t cracked the book (embarrassing). Also reading the fall Seed Savers newsletter/magazine–my favorite part of being a Seed Savers member. The stories of real people saving seeds, as well as the histories behind heirloom varieties is always fascinating to read. Rich photographs & yummy recipes, too. I harvested my fall crop of French Breakfast radishes yesterday. They’re so beautiful, I had a hard time cutting them up! I think I will only plant this variety next spring. They grew amazingly fast & the ‘finger’ shape made the root a breeze to pull. The white tips blending into the scarlet–a work of art growing in your soil! Hoping my lettuce comes ready soon, too. A couple of our chickens–our fluffy Blue Cochin named Marianne & a nameless Americana–hung nearby the garden gate while I harvested & then followed me around the yard afterwards….it’s not like we don’t feed them, beggars.

Joining in with Ginny.


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along {Fledgling Featherweight}

  1. Oh Ruby, such pretty pics! Those radishes look delicious! Wish I could have some of your lettuce for wilted bacon/vinegar salad! Yum! The chick pics are priceless! They are like lawn ornaments! Hugs, Nana Hammond


  2. I agree the images are so pretty love the chickens…and the radishes. I bet that cardi will be a favorite so pretty. and thanks for the book tips- I get stuck in a rut sometimes. Looks interesting. Well, you have a good week- with your little beggars …hehe. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Camilla! I received your yarn & I am in total love! Oh, my, the colors are so enticing, I can’t wait to knit! I think I am going to order one of your solid color skeins to make my youngest a Fledgling Featherweight, too. One skein should be the perfect amount & it will be so soft. I absolutely love that the yarn has been dried in the glorious Montana air & sunshine. xx


  3. Oh, frogging a project is always a tale of woe – sorry for you 😦 However, it looks like you’re giving that yarn a lovely new future, so maybe it’s not such a sad story after all. It’s funny about that book, I also had loaned it and returned it a few times before I actually read it! So glad I did. Wishing you a great day, Ruby! xo


    • It does seem like the project I am using the yarn for now is a better fit. I continue to stitch along! It is chilly now and winter is coming so the choice of linen for it was probably foolish, but the project I frogged required like 8 skeins so I have a lot to rehome, yikes! Wishing you a pleasant week and wonderful Thanksgiving Day, Leigh!


  4. We came to the same conclusion on radishes when we were growing them – French breakfast are the best! Actually, when I think of maybe gardening again they are the main veggie I think about!

    And for the record, I have checked out that book at least 3 times – in at least 2 different formats and have no made it there yet. :/


    • I am ashamed to say I returned the book! I’m horrible! I read the first page…now I’m reading a nonfiction book…I guess I really cannot read fiction anymore unless it’s something classic like Tom Sawyer. 😦


      • LOL! I have a really hard time committing to a book these days. I am interrupted SO MUCH that it’s nearly impossible to get into the kinds of books I really enjoy. So I’ve just kind of put that kind of reading on hold for the time being. The days when I don’t have my little interruptions will come soon enough. I can get back to the meatier books then.


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