This is Our Backyard






Heading up the creek.

Heading up the creek.



Village building.

Village building.





Hello. :)

Hello. πŸ™‚

Tuesday of this past week was spent with a truly sweet little friend born almost exactly three weeks before June was born in 2011. Her mama & I are good friends from my teaching days. We also watched my daycare baby on this Tuesday. Coralee & I threw the morning homeschool plans out the window & ventured outside to play. We ended up in the dry creekbed for almost two hours. The girls looked for fossils & rocks & “treasure,” built their own “village” on the beautiful sand plume that showed up after the summer flooding, & explored the creek bed to their hearts’ delight. As we walked back to the house for some warm blanket snuggling & lunch, I couldn’t believe my luck–this is our backyard.

Happy Weekend Adventures!


10 thoughts on “This is Our Backyard

  1. Hello beautiful! I see where your little cuties get there sweet little faces from. Oh dear image #4 made me smile- she always puts a smile on my face that little one. Sounds like a day well spent in nature with family and friends.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. That sounds like the perfect kind of day! I love when my kids get absorbed in their outdoor environment. It is wonderful that you get to call that special place your backyard as well – good memories are being made, I’m sure. Love seeing all those beautiful faces, Ruby πŸ™‚ xo


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