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My dad sent me a text last month out of the blue that I’ve thought about every day since.  I cried after I read it the first time, I was that happy.  My dad is a very intelligent man, a Texan, a scientist, an outdoorsman, a writer & columnist, a retired 3M chemist that climbed almost to the top of the management chain before he left.  I went to college in 1999 with dreams of being a scientist like him, but life got in the way & somehow I ended up an elementary teacher (something I told my friends in high school I would NEVER EVER become) & eventually a stay-at-home mother.   I’ve always felt like I failed him (& my potential) in a way, even though I know that these feelings are absolutely not true.

We took my dad fishing & birding in the Yellow River State Forest Paint Creek Unit this summer & it was the best day.  He caught several trout with his fly rod & after he got back to Wisconsin, he told my mom how much fun he had with my family.  These are photos from that day.

Love ya, Dad.  The Best Text is rewritten below.

At Silverwood Park, north edge of the Metro [Twin Cities] for my writer’s group.  New, very nice.  Lots of nature programs for children.  There is a mother with three girls about the ages of your three.  All are sitting atop a wall outside.  She is telling them something and has their attention.  The scene reminds me of you.  I am proud of you, Ruby.  You are doing a remarkable job rearing three children.  Daddy. 



8 thoughts on “The Best Text

  1. Oh dear…this pinched my heart a bit. I had the same relationship with my father- who has now passed away. That is a wonderful text- a message sent to you, soak it all in- lovely.
    Beautiful images today Ruby, you live in a beautiful spot!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Tears welling, isn’t amazing how much we all want/need to hear these words and what a difference it makes in our lives when we hear them (note to parent-self). A beautiful post, Ruby, love your photos 🙂 xo


  3. Ahhh! That made me tear up as well. But you know Ruby, he’s absolutely right. I think the same of you, often. You’re remarkable and accomplishing great things in your life. Don’t ever doubt it. You’re so very successful in a way in dream to be! You’re an inspiration! And also I want to hug your daddy now 😊.


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