Autumn creep, fossil collecting, wool washing, & a wee Wurm obsession











I don’t exactly feel Autumn around these parts yet, but I can see the subtle signs she’s slowly wetting her paintbrush and readying the canvas. The kids spent a lot of time outside this weekend due to the mild temperatures.

We had one volunteer sunflower this year thanks to our prolific winter bird feeding. Coralee found an abundance of clay in the creek recently & made a clay pot {even baked it in the sun!} to temporarily hold the seeds she’s collected.  She is ever the seed saver.

Following church on Sunday, the older ones spent the entire afternoon in the creek looking for more fossils for Coralee’s archaeology studies. She’s getting a trunk from the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History this week to aid her in her identification of her finds & felt the 20+ fossils she’s amassed so far is clearly not enough.

The autumn creep caused me to dig out all the woolens that lasted well into the spring/summer months this year {read: fingerless gloves} &  wash.  I LOVE handwashing wool.  I once thought the only way to own wool was to dry clean it or get rid of it when it got dirty.  So glad I was set straight around the time June was born thanks to cloth diapering with wool.  Handwashing is not only easy, but very enjoyable.

I truly have developed an addiction to the Wurm slouchy cap pattern.  Coralee has said I need to stop & KNIT SOMETHING ELSE.  I need to knit one more, just one more!, for me & then I promised her I would move on…for awhile at least.  June got a Wurm today and, no, the child does not need anymore caps but she loves wearing her mama’s handknits so it’s hard to resist.  I made a mini of the Wurm pattern, only knitting 5 repeats but sticking with the 100 stitch cast-on.  She will probably be able to wear this forever.  I used an entire 50g ball of a DK merino/silk blend for the fuchsia & about half a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas for the rust–it’s like wearing a woolly cloud & it’s delightfully squishy.

Has the autumn creep found you yet?


15 thoughts on “Autumn creep, fossil collecting, wool washing, & a wee Wurm obsession

  1. June is my favorite rock star!! The last set of pics allowed her to overtake Keith Richards and Linda Ronstad and gain first place. As always the author is a talented photographer. Thanks for sharing. Daddy


    • I Google’d an image of Keith Richards for Coralee to see (after reading to her your comments) and she said, as a result of what Richards looks like, your comments are not a compliment at all–ha!!!!! But in all seriousness, it’s pretty awesome how cool you think June is–she thinks you’re quite amazing yourself.


  2. HI Ruby!! LOVE what you are doing here on beingbodeker!! You are amazing. So this has nothing to do with this post, but I saw your knitted pumpkins, Spice and Clove, and tried to get the pattern off Rav but it is no longer downloading…or something…any chance you can email me the pattern? It was a free one. I have the itch to make a million of them. 🙂 If you don’t have the pattern, no worries…I will have to settle for a different one. Happy Fall!


    • Too true! I still don’t feel or smell Autumn yet on this first official complete day…it still feels like summer to me, but that Maple I photographed for this post is flushing with orange/red/yellow now so I know it’s on the way. Thanks for visiting the blog. 🙂


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