Accidental Spelling Comedienne



As part of Coralee’s homeschooling, we use the New York Time’s Learning Network a lot.  Back when I taught K-5 Talented & Gifted students in the public schools, I relied on this website for much of my curriculum.  Last year Coralee was required to add a word to her spelling/vocabulary notebook daily using the Learning Network’s ‘Word of the Day’ blog.  She also had to write an original sentence, using the word correctly, for each word.  Each time a new word was added to the current list, she had to write a sentence for each of the previous words.  We usually worked toward a list of 10-15 words before I gave her a spelling/vocab test.  It all proved a bit too much, so this year she adds three words to her list per week & writes sentences for those words on the two “off” days.  She uses for definitions, synonyms & antonyms.

I was flipping through her spelling/vocab notebook from last year & gave myself a good chuckle over many of her original sentences.  There was a running ‘Frozen’ theme at one point, multiple sentences about Hans, Anna, & Elsa.  She also seemed to draw from her Iowa history lessons for many sentences, that’s got to be a good thing.  The bulk of her writing, however, centered around her younger brother Merritt or birding.  I typed my favorite sentences below (spelling/vocab word in bold)–hope you enjoy a little chuckle, too, whilst reading.

* * *

He woke up and found toothpaste in his omelet and cereal in his drink.  I asked the doctor if it was just senility kicking in, he said no it was just the maid.

My grandmother tells me “just senility kicking in” whenever she forgets.

I have hoodwinked Merritt many times into going to the basement with me.  –Mom’s note: this is SO TRUE.

Field corn is an extrinsic part of a white-tailed deer’s diet.

Corn syrup is an extrinsic part of the American diet. –Mom’s note: can you tell we live in Iowa?

Our friendship seemed irreparable after I smashed his thumb with the hammer.

Let’s just say that my excuse for buying 200 candy bars was not unassailable.

To gawk is to disappoint granny.

It was like he required an anesthetic to pull a bandaid off.

Merritt is an incorrigible boy, especially when he locks himself in his room and refuses to do his homework.

This word is expanding my lexicon.

My secret tepee hidden in the woods is known as Coralee’s Hermitage. Mom’s note: I think this might actually be true.

After breaking his diet for a month, Kyle was looking a little paunchy.

After the Easter egg hunt, Merritt had found all the eggs (or stolen them).  You can guess I felt enmity.

I felt enmity for our rooster, while he was alive. –Mom’s note: this is true.

I went to a lecture on plant “feelings,” the professor’s dogmatic attitude is to blame for me failing the Poison Test. –Mom’s note: this sentence was accompianed by a doodle of a professor named Awesome Phil touching a bunch of apparently poisonous plants & saying “Ow, that hurt.”

The president wished to repeal the law banning dogs, but Congress did not.

The Congress really had the President in an untenable position, so he just decided to forget freeing dogs.

The buff, sinewy movie star was filmed in many wrestling movies.

Christmas morning is a jovial time for Merritt and I, but not for Mom and Dad and I quote, “Why are you awake already?”–Mom’s note: true story.

My mom says I’m a swindler. –Mom’s note: I think I’ve been misquoted.

The mallards nesting by the dock scolded me when I came too close with loud quacks.

My Great-Grandma went to a quack thinking she had cancer, but he just said it was a cold.

When the creature I loved dearly began to quack and swim I had mixed feelings about my cat.  I took my cat to the doctor and he said, “I may be a quack, but I do know that ducks aren’t allowed at a clinic.”

The trees at the cabin look nebulous in the morning fog.

Papa hadn’t cleaned his glasses lately, so everything he looked at seemed nebulous. –Mom’s note: true.

If you have an arch enemy, your best bet is to eschew them.

* * *

During the fall the temperature cascades and so do the leaves.

* * *

 Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Accidental Spelling Comedienne

  1. Cute and just what I needed after a day with very special students, one of whom carries a large toy on his shoulder most of the day. Nana B


  2. Oh my goodness! Too funny, what a great and wonderful treasury of your daughter’s growing vocabulary. Loved mom’s quotes too 🙂 Thanks for the much needed chuckles! a wonderful weekend to you.


  3. Lol those sentences are awesome!! She’s is going to be such a great writer because of your efforts. Scratch that, she’s already an excellent writer and will only get better!


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