Yarn Along {life hums along & babies grow up}







Not sure when my baby Coralee, my firstborn, became such a lady, but the fact that her foot is now the same size as mine & we are very close to literally seeing eye-to-eye should have been a clue. When I brought her home from the hospital 12+ years ago I was 20 years old myself & naive & clueless (we all are, right???). The past dozen years raced away from me so fast I feel like life has given me whiplash. We ventured outside this morning to take photos of my latest knit Wurm cap–I’m addicted to the pattern again (the brim is GENIUS, check it out if you haven’t). After finishing Megan’s Wurm last week, I’ve knit this one & cast on another in oatmeal & teal. As I flipped through the photos, I focused on Coralee’s captured gaze & realized she will be gone into the world before I know it & I cried. She is so beautiful. Sometimes I can’t believe she is part of me–how did I get so lucky with such a stunning daughter both outside & in? Mamas’ hearts are tested so much in the course of 18ish years (& forever after)…it’s good sometimes to peer into their eyes & realize that little baby you held & nursed & ached for many years ago is still there & always will be, no matter how far the years take you from that beginning. No matter how much the exterior changes, grows, ebbs & flows…no matter how much you change yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Yarn Along {life hums along & babies grow up}

  1. And I’m crying!!! She truly is beautiful inside and outside and you should be so proud. She is a reflection of you my dearest friend. This was a heartwarming/heart-aching entry! ❀️


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    • Oh, Ness, you’re so sweet! Babies growing up is definitely an age-old question of WHY, isn’t it?

      So glad to see you here on the blog & so sorry I have been absolutely lax in my communication with you, my dear friend! You are owed an email, a card, a text…my thoughts have been spent on you many times over the last month or so, hoping all is well in VT. I will carve some time this week to get in touch. Miss you!


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