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I’ve been slowly easing Coralee (my 7th grader) into the start of school.  This is her second year of the Home School Assistance Program.  As part of the program, she participates in Concert Band & Jazz Band every other day at the local middle school, meets with a cooperating teacher from the district once a month to check progress, & receives the bulk of her instruction at home from me.  I think I have a better grasp this year on what is reasonable to accomplish in a year and what isn’t–I was much too overzealous last year.  Merritt started school last week Monday, but I don’t plan to implement the full schedule for Coralee until after Labor Day.  We worked last week Wednesday to clean the loft & go through all of last year’s materials.  Since that time she’s been working daily on Pre-Algebra & also started a G3 literature class online.  This is her first online course & she’s done very well navigating the quirks that go along with online learning.  Her first assignment was to read Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi & participate in a dozen discussion threads regarding the plot.  Math has never really been her forte, but her lesson this week on the Pythagorean theorem thrilled her!  I think it was the drawing aspect of it that she enjoyed the most–she excels at drawing–I included a photo of her notes from the lesson.  June is 3yo & not attending public or private preschool like her siblings did at this age, but she has managed to find some fairly “preschool” activities to occupy her time in the loft in the mornings.  The size of the scissor she chose to work with was a bit crazy, but she insisted she use the “real” scissors.  Cutting pieces of Sugar ‘N Cream yarn directly from the spools is now one of her favorite pastimes.  She filled my empty coffee mug with her work.

I’ve been mostly reading homeschool curriculum this past week.  I finished knitting a Wurm cap for a friend of mine who writes a wonderful blog here about being car-free  with a family in the Pacific Northwest (she is also an artist with a beautiful etsy shop).  She chose some very earthy, calming colors for her cap–Lost Lake & Forest.  I used Knit Picks Swish DK which I always find to be soft with a lovely sheen.  I’m also still working on Martin’s scarf.  Martin the Monarch did eventually fly away over the roof of our house with no issues.  Happy endings in daily life are to be cherished no matter where you find them.

Joining in with Ginny this week.


11 thoughts on “Yarn Along {School Along}

  1. hehe, I love that little mug of yarn. I have a little one who likes to do similar-I let her play with scrap yarn and she makes all kinds of lovely “creations”. (and keeps her busy for hours!)

    We also have a seventh grader (and sixth grader) who homeschool, and really enjoy it.


    • Yarn is a serious part of play here at our house, yes! I never realized how much my kids use it (all of them) until the scrap yarn bowl ran out over the summer and they started pillaging my “real” yarn. Thanks for stopping by the blog–my eldest is named Coralee and my youngest has a middle name of Belle–love your handle, is it your first name?


  2. Such a sweet sweet post!!! I loved it! Your pictures are so wonderful, Ruby….keep them coming. I feel like I’m there! (wish I was!). Love you all, Mom (Nana)


  3. Your Homeschool Assistance Program sounds very neat. We’re all on our own here which feels very daunting sometimes. It would be nice to have touchstones to reassure me that we’re doing ok! That being said, the freedom is pretty nice, too. So glad you and Coralee are getting all set-up and organized for the year ahead. I have to say, while I started out that way, now my children are the overzealous ones – they want a homeschool class on ALL THE THINGS. Hard to explain that we can’t do it all on day one!

    Love the photos of June cutting yarn! So darling!


    • My homeschool plan has changed already and it’s only officially Day 2! I am a very organized person naturally, but for some reason I just try to take on way too much & end up getting myself tied up in knots & all mixed up as to what exactly I want to accomplish…I rewrote my plan last night, we’ll see how long I can stick with it! Can’t wait to see what awesome things your kiddos do this year!


      • Well. We are in good company. I had to reorganize our whole schedule, too. Turns out my son is way better doing math after lunch than getting it out of the way first thing in the morning, so with that big slot having to move, everything kind of had to get shuffled around. The great thing though is my son actually really helped and after a less than awesome first day, now he loves it! With my daughter, I feel a little more like you — all tied up in knots. It’s kind of hard to find the right stuff for her as she is really straddling 1st and 2nd grade materials. She is doing great with her ‘guided reading’ novel (Stuart Little) though, so that’s something anyway!


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