Fourth Grade




Merritt, our second-born, started fourth grade today. He struggles a lot at school. He has diagnosed ADHD & Tourette Syndrome (motor tics only, vocal tics have subsided) & is not medicated for either condition–our choice based on MANY factors. He tests at the “Mensa” level in terms of IQ. He is creative & interesting & has a very, very large vocabulary….but he hates school. He tells everyone he hates school. The only part about school he will admit to enjoying is PE class. This year, due to where we live & the fourth grade schedule, he has to board his bus home halfway through PE class (along with two other students from his grade). So he will miss half of the only class he claims he enjoys. He knows this & seems surprisingly okay with it. He woke up this morning wishing school and summer were one whole year long EACH. Morning is often a very volatile time here for Merritt, but after telling me his wish, he proceeded to get ready for school with no fuss. He even let me style his hair (aka: comb his hair) without any complaints. He ate his breakfast of a bagel & cream cheese, took his fish oil pill, & then asked to finish a homework paper on division he had neglected to work on all summer. WOW. Way to go, Buddy. You started your first day of fourth grade like the amazing guy we all know you to be–thank you for a wonderful morning.

Happy First Day of School!

{Please ignore our front stoop–gosh, I did not realize how awful it looks until after I took the photo!  At least I managed to hose the chicken poo off last night.  Winning!}


5 thoughts on “Fourth Grade

  1. Aww, he’s growing so fast! School starts already! Love my little man so much! The pics were great! Wish I had been there! Love, Nana


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  3. Happy first day of school (belated)! What a handsome guy! Isn’t it heart-warming to see your boy growing up into an accepting, responsible, mature young man? I get the same from my son. Best of luck with 4th grade, Merritt!


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