Yarn Along {with Martin the Monarch}






Joining in with lovely Ginny today. This is my Stone’s Throw scarf knit in Quince & Co Lark in the colorway Honey; I’m roughly halfway through the project. Lark is a thick, springy, cushy & squishy 100% American Wool.  Highly recommend it.  My new Cascade 220 (for all you knitters out there reading this).  I started the scarf over the past winter. It is such an easy knit, not sure why I haven’t finished it yet. I hear the Midwest is in for a cooler-than-average fall this year. The news seems to have spurred by knitting.

All three of my children (even June!) have been hand-rearing Monarch butterflies this summer by collecting eggs from Common Milkweed at Koutny as part of our work with the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project. Merritt’s last monarch emerged from its pupal state yesterday. It’s a male & he named it Martin after his favorite character from the PBS show Wild Kratts. Martin has a bit of a wrinkle in his lower right wing & has yet to venture out into the world….hoping he finds his way. Merritt thought he made a nice addition to my scarf progress photographs today. I hope you agree!

Currently reading The Red Badge of Courage as I prepare for Coralee’s History studies this year as a homeschooled seventh grader….my 33rd birthday is this Friday…how did the time pass by so quickly…


5 thoughts on “Yarn Along {with Martin the Monarch}

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  2. How cool! We recently saw a bunch of caterpillars on vacation and it was so thrilling! And so cute that this butterfly is named for the Wild Kratts character – my kids love that show, too!

    The scarf is beautiful, too! I’m not usually much of a yellow person, but I love this!


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