Musings on the Garden in July







The garden is going strong as July winds down. I harvested about a third of our carrots today & the cherry tomatoes are progressively beginning to ripen.

I seem to have squashed the squash bug uprising by disposing of any leaves harboring their shiny, copper-colored eggs & squishing as many live bugs as I could find {too morbid? apologies!}. We continue to reap about one yellow zucchini/squash per day.

The Waltham Butternut squash seem to be doing well, hidden among the tall grasses that invariably grow in & around our squash/pumpkin patch every year. Coralee planted what we thought were mini “spinning top” gourds, from seeds she collected herself last fall….these “mini” gourds are now the size of bloated softballs, bright yellow-orange, & basically look nothing like her original…more on that mystery in the days ahead, I’m sure.

Our two dwarf Honeycrisp apple trees have been in the ground here for going on six years. We finally have apples this year…THREE apples, to be exact, & only on one tree. Coralee hand-pollinated the one tree using crab-apple blossoms we pilfered from a tree in town {gasp!!} this spring. She says she dusted at least fifty blossoms….not the greatest payout, but I’m just thrilled we finally have something to show for our apple-tree-planting efforts.

I made Carrot Top Pesto with the green mound of tops I had left after I cleaned the carrots this afternoon {no, I do not consider carrot tops poisonous}. I had never made this pesto before, but I feel so wasteful just throwing out all those greens every year to the chickens. I froze two small Mason jars of the pesto and kept a third in the refrigerator. I plan to try it on toast/crusty bread tomorrow as suggested by the recipe.

Summer is sailing swiftly by here at the Bodeker House.


6 thoughts on “Musings on the Garden in July

  1. What gorgeous pictures, Ruby! I loved them all! Especially the one of the apples! So cute! And that long shot of your house is beautiful! Such a pretty place to have a garden…enjoy it! Love Nana Hammond


  2. I’m so jealous of your garden. Ours is a mess – we had a mole problem that took out a bunch of berry bushes and our plum tree appears to be dying. 😦 so glad you are having better luck!


    • Oh no! I’m so sorry about your garden troubles! I have finally after six years in our home & planting gardens realized that any garden is a total crapshoot from year to year–I finally think I have it all figured out & I then encounter a completely new problem. Our carrots, radishes, and peas were not good this year, but my tomatoes & butternut squash seem good. All our pumpkin vines died recently–we got two small orange pumpkins and they aren’t going to last much longer before rotting. I bet next year your garden will be much better! It all seems cyclical.


      • Well, it should be better next year. I have a super gardener friend who is going to help me plan it out and the kids and I are going to use it as a homeschool project. Fingers are crossed it’s not another flop!


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