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Kit Camisole

I am currently in the doldrums of my Kit Camisole. Lots & lots & LOTS of stockinette in the round, briefly interrupted by a handful of half-linen stitches across the back. I had high hopes for this knit. Hopes that I would be wearing its silky smooth linen most of the summer. Not likely at 6/7 stitches per inch & over 300 stitches per row. I’m just not that fast of a knitter. I also think I probably cast on one size too big which will make this a camisole worn exclusively under a cardigan (per my usual, I suppose). I’m using Quince & Co. Sparrow in the colorway ‘Truffle’ which I thought had a slight metallic purple to it, but it is basically in the deep grey family.

So many books are stacked up in my reading basket, waiting to be waded through…instead I find myself poring over my three newest pocket guides. I am determined to find myself fluent enough on our hikes through the Iowa countryside to identify most of the wildflowers I see. We spend a lot of time at Koutny Pond as the (unpaid, amateur, default) land stewards and thus I want to be well-versed in the prairie plants, too. Growing up in Wisconsin, I was able to identify most of the flowers in the Northwoods. I seem to have lost most of that knowledge, sadly.

Joining in with Ginny this week. Check out her wonderful blog for more knitting/literary inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I really enjoy your posts … Here, I am drawn in to your deep appreciation for beautiful things: hiking, being able to identify wildflowers and plants … And your focus and interest for knitting is beyond my comprehension. I don’t knit. But maybe I will learn.


    • Your comments, T, are always appreciated, greatly–thank you. Knitting is truly a life-saver for me, helps me keep my sanity in this much too fast-paced world. When I feel everything bubbling up & threatening to explode, it does me good to just sit & knit. Thanks, as always, for stopping by the blog.


  2. First, let me say that I have been in the doldrums of the Kit Camisole. It is a slog with a capital UGH. BUT, I love wearing it. It’s one of my favorite tops – so hang in there! It’s worth it!

    Also, I am trying to work on learning my windflowers here,too. I’m terrible with them – like super bad! My husband was recently making fun of me because I want a guide that has flowers listed by color – I’m so awful I really think this is where I have to start or it might be hopeless!


    • I frogged my Kit Camisole last week! I could not take it anymore and I really was knitting the wrong size–like 2 or 3 sizes! Yikes. Your comment has re-energized me to cast on again, though, so thank you for that!

      I totally think flower guides organized by color and season are the way to go!


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