Sweet Home{coming} Dress

Sweet Home Dress

Sweet Home Dress

Sweet Home Dress back

Sweet Home Dress detail

Sweet Home Dress edging

Sweet Home Dress

I sent this newborn, ‘welcome home’ dress on its way from Iowa to California this week. My dear friend is due in early August with her second baby, but all signs are pointing to an early delivery {hopefully not until the end of July, so fingers crossed!}. I used Quince & Co Sparrow in Nannyberry, a 100% organic linen yarn. I no longer want to knit with anything but linen, specifically Quince & Co linen.  I’ve been spoiled.  Both Sparrow & Kestrel {another Quince & Co linen blogged about here) knit up like a dream & wash up even better. Kestrel works best in the washer & dryer on delicate/low. Sparrow is a cold-water handwash, lay flat to dry, & then iron–looked brilliant afterwards. My friend & I chose linen for her baby’s coming home outfit due to the crazy summer heat in her neck of the woods. I used vintage buttons at the back close. The pattern was based on this, loosely. I had some trouble finding a suitable newborn dress pattern that would work with linen. I altered the pattern considerably {after knitting up a different pattern with Sparrow & realizing the pattern was not newborn-friendly & not linen-friendly}. I went down to a US Size 1 needle and decreased the stitch count in various places, as well as the dimensions. Linen really has no stretch so what you see is what you get, making the finished dimensions vitally important as you can’t block linen into a different size, nor shrink it. I hope hope hope this Sweet Home{coming} Dress is a good match for the little one about to make her debut Earthside. I tried to think about her & her mama while I knit, stitching calmly so as to impart nothing but positive energy into the dress. Silly? Probably, but the world is brimming with negative energy today. I like to think each stitch we knitters make with our hands is an act of love sent forth into the ether with determined faith.

A better place, one stitch at a time.


8 thoughts on “Sweet Home{coming} Dress

  1. Ruby,
    You have sooo turned me on to Quince and Co. I love the colors and quality of the yarn. I’ve heard people complain about linen, but now I want to give the Quince linen a try. Thinking of you and hope you’re having a great summer!


    • I’m so glad, Bernice! It is truly wonderful yarn. Quince linen, especially Kestrel, is just yummy & I LOVE that I can wash & dry it. We are having a nice summer, thank you! I think about you often & your beautiful oasis up there in the NE. We visited the Yellow River Forest a few weeks back, searching for Ceruleans. We heard one loud & clear on a hilltop in the forest for well over 15 minutes, but couldn’t locate it in the binocs. Hoping to go back again before migration. Maybe we can meet up!?


  2. Oh my goodness Ruby!!! I’m in tears over here!!! THIS. This is absolute perfection and baby girl is going to look fabulous in her very first outfit!!! I’m seriously bawling. I cannot thank you enough for this precious gift and how perfect it turned out. You truly are one talented mama and I’m in awe. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And look at those adorable buttons!! The color is stunning, it looks so light and soft, it’s just perfect. I will be sure to snap up a million pictures so you can see your amazing creation in action! And I love that you thought of us while knitting! We love you Auntie Rubes!!!


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  4. I am in your boat with Q&Co linen! And with knitting love and calm into my stitches – it’s my meditation time and I always like to think my handknits are infused with the peace I find in my stitches.


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