My radish crop…



…was dismal this year & I am completely melancholy about it as I LOVE radish & butter sandwiches. Coralee & I planted two whole packets of seeds starting as soon as the ground could be worked. We used heirloom varieties from Seed Savers (one of which we had success with last year). I replanted the rows at least four times due to frosts that kept plaguing us here in the Midwest this spring. Our “spring” was then followed by an extreme heat that arrived so quickly I don’t think we really had a “spring” in the true sense of the word & thus I’m attributing my radishes’ poor showing to this fact (as opposed to something I probably did!). I bought a bag of Michigan-grown red radishes from the grocery for $0.99 this week & made a pint & a half of pickled radishes. The blue jar contains our garden radishes, the clear jar is bottled Mitten radishes. I’m sure both jars will taste delicious, but I plan to savor mine more.

And ask Brian to build me a coldframe next year.

How do you like to prepare radishes?




6 thoughts on “My radish crop…

  1. … Delightful, and I usually don’t use “delightful” … Maybe its a guy thing. The pictures always bring me peace. My wife is so, so, passionate about gardening. And this more authentic style of living you have is encouraging. Well, once again I have talked too much. Great post. Peace, T


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