Duck Stamp

Apr28.14 029

Coralee’s entry top center.

Apr28.14 028

Apr28.14 030

Apr28.14 025

June (left) kept asking where “her prize” was…someday, little bug.

Apr28.14 026

Apr28.14 027

Mama & Coralee selfie. Does she look like she had a tremendously good time?

My eldest Coralee submitted artwork to the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest this past winter.  Her pencil drawing of a pair of Buffleheads (ducks) won 2nd place in her age group (Grades 4-6).  Yesterday afternoon we traveled to Prairie City, Iowa to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge to participate in the awards ceremony.  She thoroughly enjoyed the recognition & is now fired up to place higher next year, already considering different species for her piece.  She’s thinking a Green-Winged Teal, a recent addition to her Life List that seems to be inhabiting the marshy backwaters of the Cedar River near our home in large numbers this soggy spring.  All photographs were taken with my iPhone & the quality is not wonderful.  Hopefully you can still experience her joy through the crummy less-than-ideal snapshots!



12 thoughts on “Duck Stamp

  1. Way to go Coralee !!! Mom’s pics were great – I could see them quite clearly on my computer. You guys looked like you were having a good time there – hang your award in your room! Quite an accomplishment! Can’t wait to see what you do next year! See you here in Tucson in a few weeks – can’t wait!
    Hugs from Nana Hammond


    • She really is! This past week I’ve noticed it greatly, I think she must have experienced a growth spurt just recently. She now has the same size foot as me…it’s fun to share shoes, but it’s also bittersweet to realize how fast they really do pass through childhood.


  2. The pictures are good! Your kiddo’s smile of joy is absolutely stunning! I have never heard of a Bufflehead, or a green-wing teal. We home school our kiddos, and to read about what you all do is an inspiration. I’m going to try to get my wife to check out this post … She is not much of a blogger. Hey, thank you, by the way for checking out my post, and your reflection about your dad cutting trees down was really a bonus. Thanks. Peace, T


    • Hey T, thanks as always for the visit over here & your kind words. We are kind of birding fanatics & it’s worked out well in terms of homeschooling as it just seems to create its own curriculum. Using Feederwatch from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as part of the Science curriculum each winter is slick–it incorporates many subjects including math (graphing, data collection, statistics, analysis), technology (all the data entry can be done online), art (my daughter draws many of the birds at the feeder as she observes), economics (I make her shop for the seed & she realizes now how expensive it can be), etc. 🙂 Hope your family has a relaxing summer! We are getting kind of excited about putting the books down for a bit.


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