Make Ready


Purl running ahead as we ski. Always running.

Dormant Coreopsis

My sleeping flower beds.


Wood Pile

Reflections of June

Reflections of sleeping June.


Coop closed for the night.


One last cup of seed before nightfall.


Snow begins to fall…it’s coming…

The cold descends tonight…zero-degree temperatures no longer harbor much of a bite this winter due to the polar air that keeps plunging so far south from the North. Brian & I decided to take a quick ski about our property this afternoon in the balmy 30-degree (F) temps before the winds pick up creating blizzard conditions. June took her nap on my back as we skied over several dormant fields surrounding our house. The dogs tagged along. I trekked about the yard afterwards so June could sleep a bit longer as Brian finished up his evening chores. Tomorrow will dawn bitter.  Cold.  We’re making a fire now, warm inside our home as the wind descends & snow kicks up tiny tornadoes across the empty fields beyond our windows. I feel the cold through the walls & electrical outlets. Incredible the changes that can take place in just an hour in Iowa.


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