A Happy, Glacial New Year!









We spent New Year’s Day afternoon breaking a cross-country ski trail at Red Fox Wildlife Area, but it felt like we were hiking in the Yukon it was so very cold. The north wind made the ski in quite challenging as we were heading due north. Once we made it out of the prairie grass and into the woods hugging the Cedar River, our spirits improved, along with the blood flow to our extremities and cheeks! It was -2’F, probably a bit too chilly for skiing, but it appears Iowa {and the rest of the Upper Midwest} are stuck in the North Pole’s freezer for the foreseeable future, so make do as best you can will have to become our motto!

We spotted a Belted Kingfisher while skiing through the prairie. He was perched above an open spring in a birch tree. Absolutely took my breath away. His ruddy belly and dark slate blue coat framed against the sterile white snow made quite a feast for the eyes. I always thought kingfishers migrated out of Iowa in the winter? I hope this Top 5 bird of mine can survive the even colder air that is stewing on the horizon for us next week.

Following our ski, I finished up a knitted open-front vest for June by the fire. I love the Robin’s-egg color, but I do not love the pattern. I like how it fits close to the body with a pleat in the back for movement, but for such a small garment there were far too many seams and some strange techniques used. I prefer to knit simple (read: as few seams as possible), clever, elegant patterns of which this was decidedly not…I plan to use what I’ve learned from this pattern and create my own soon. The yarn is Chickadee (held doubled) from Quince & Co, one of my favorite yarn lines and companies.

One of my New Year’s goals is to knit one patten per month {for myself!} from The Purl Bee website. If you knit and haven’t perused the collection of incredible knitting patterns found for free on The Purl Bee, skedaddle yourself over soon! I chose the Fluted Cowl as my first project in Malabrigo Worsted, held doubled–this squishy soft yarn was a Christmas gift from my mother–thank you, Mom!

Here’s to a stellar 2014! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “A Happy, Glacial New Year!

  1. What a lovely post Ruby! Makes me ‘cold’ just reading it! The pictures were great! Stay warm, the weather coming your way is truly FRIGHTING!!! Keep that fire smokin’! Brian looks really cold in that pic, and Junie’s rosy cheeks don’t lie! Hugs to all the kids for me! Love, mom


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