I Really Love Pumpkins

Finished a batch of knit pumpkins {stuffed with washed & teased Iowa raw wool} this week for my mother & sister. Mailing these seven ‘sisters’ {as my youngest calls them} north to Wisconsin today. The knit pattern ‘Spice Pumpkin’ by Hannah Maier is available from Knit Picks and can be found here. Extremely addictive if you knit, be forewarned! We now have quite an extensive collection ourselves in various shades of orange, yellow, blue, and green that June calls her ‘pumpkin babies.’

Halloween was exhausting enjoyable as always and the kiddos loved the experience. June was particularly enthralled with the process of trick or treating in town. She asks for her basket of treats 24/7….not sure what she will do when it’s finally devoid of sweets…. Merritt carved his pumpkin almost entirely by himself this year! The last few photos are of June a couple days prior to Halloween giving hugs & kisses to the only pumpkin left at the local youth community garden in town–a place we like to visit while {homeschooled} big sister is attenting Band at the Middle School every other day for an hour. It has quickly become one of June’s favorite places to explore. {great spot to sit & knit, too!}














6 thoughts on “I Really Love Pumpkins

  1. Such pretty pictures! Can’t wait to see my box of pumpkins! Maybe I’ll just keep all of them myself? It’s a thought….
    Thx Ruby! Love Mom


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