hello darling goats!

We went to the Benton County Fair last night & happened upon this! June & Coralee would have hung over the gate & watched this precious pair all night, but candy corn, hamburgers, REAL MILKshakes, nachos, homemade lemonade (my favorite–remember the dirty lemonade man, Ellie?!!?!?), kettle corn, funnel cake & other fair goodies beckoned. I turned this capture into a shutterfly magnet….some of you may be getting a sneak peak at part of your next birthday gift…xoxo

{I think you can order it here if you like}

View the entire collection of cards.

4 thoughts on “hello darling goats!

  1. What an adorable pic! Really Ruby, don’t they just make your heart melt? Farm animals are so much fun to be around! Get some! And thanks for the magnet! Hugs, Mom


    • They are pretty sweet! The goat/sheep barn was the cleanest and best smelling…like no smell…so I think a couple sheep are the way to go here. The horse barn was filthy! And so stinky and so many flies….


  2. Sweet! Was the lemonade really that good?!?! Greasy-cheese-curd-guys make the best lemonade in the world…ooooh, I wish I had a glass right now!!!! Great post- I would have scarfed down all the food you described!!!


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