Bison Day!

Loess Hills Bison
We are heading out to western Iowa tonight to the Loess Hills for The Nature Conservancy of Iowa’s 3rd Annual Bison Days. I am EXTREMELY excited! I have wanted to visit the Loess Hills since I moved to Iowa in the summer of 1999 to attend school at Iowa State University. We plan to spend two nights in a hotel (tonight and Saturday) in Sioux City and then camp a third night, not sure where yet, but I have a list of spots to scope out Sunday afternoon before we make a decision. The kids are insanely excited, well the older two, anyway, June doesn’t understand, which makes perfect sense since she is two years old. We have been dragging everything we need to hike and camp up from the basement and collecting it in the kitchen, which now smells like old camping equipment mixed with my parents’ cabin–very fragrant in here! Brings back memories of hiking with my good friend in the summer of 1999 in Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior, heading out west to the Panhandle National Forest in Idaho the summer before to hike and work on a Sierra Club Youth Service Trip, hiking with my dad up Mt, Kineo in Maine the summer before that…did I mention I’m excited? πŸ™‚

Click here for a local newspaper article written about Bison Days. Click here to learn about The Nature Conservancy in Iowa’s annual Bison Days celebration at Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve.

Coralee is working on her Bronze award for Girl Scouts with her best friend, Emma, this summer. Their project involves planting and maintaining a native prairie plot for Monarch butterfly habitat restoration out at the Benton County Nature Center northwest of Vinton and ultimately registering the site as a Monarch Watch Waystation. She was out there yesterday for about an hour weeding and prepping some plots with Emma and the naturalist. She has to log 20 hours minimum of work for the award, which can include lectures and research on prairies, so she is hoping to add to her hour bank this weekend during Bison Days. Our first Bison Days event starts at 9AM on Saturday, a birding trip. The older two kids are members of the Iowa Young Birders’ Club which holds monthly field trips around the state. July’s field trip takes place at Broken Kettle from 9-noon. Perfect timing! I really think this trip to the Loess Hills was meant to be….photos next week or you can follow me on Instagram and view photos in real time. My IG handle is roosterfaye.

And in completely unrelated news, I am deactivating my Facebook account on Monday. Sent out a bunch of messages to people I am currently working with on knitting projects giving them the heads’ up early this morning. I couldn’t feel more free! I will miss not being able to visit business pages for exclusive deals and it will be unfortunate to not get information/photos from the kids’ classroom teachers and Shellsburg Art Room, but it was becoming a burden to constantly check in and make sure I was up-to-date on people’s lives. There are a few friends whose updates and photos I will definitely miss–my good friend up in northeastern Iowa, my childhood buddies spread all over the country, my best friend down in Burlington–but I still have good old email and this blog and Instagram…I think I’m fairly well-saturated socially even without Facebook. Have you ever thought about ditching your Facebook account?

Hope you have a great weekend wherever your feet take you!


2 thoughts on “Bison Day!

  1. Oh yeah Ruby – you’re off on an adventure with your family. Sounds like you will have a great time – can’t wait for the pics next week!
    Miss all of you!
    Love, Nana Hammond


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