Random Tuesday


We did some much-needed maintenance on the chicken run/coop over the weekend. Brian restrung and buried all the chicken wire around the run and made a run new door. Then along with Coralee & Merritt, he put in a chicken ‘patio’ in the run entrance to help with all the water/ice/mud/filth/mess that always collects there and makes it almost impossible to open the door in the morning to let our happy hens out. Late Sunday afternoon I repainted the door to the coop white and hopefully soon we will repaint the roof trim and window trim, plus replace some shingles damaged in the wind storm of 2011. Lastly we plan to plant some native grasses/flowers in the back half of the run for the hens to hide/play/pick in during the warmer months. The dead/dried grass will provide cover during the winter months (hopefully).


I started watching/nannying a newborn baby this week. I won’t share her name or anything in order to keep her identity private. She is around 4-5 weeks old, so tiny and squishy! I only watch her once or twice a week and only for part of the day. She is a sweet, happy, easy-going little soul. June did not seem to understand why she could not ‘play’ with the baby or why the baby could not sleep with her in ‘June’s bed’ at naptime.











I took June to Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center again this morning–I’m a trifle obsessed with that place. We hiked (June in the Tula on my back) around the Prairie Trail & Wetland Trail and then spent close to an hour inside the building playing in the exhibits. We were the only ones there other than the naturalists in their offices. Great time to visit!!! While hiking, we spotted a Northern cardinal high up in the trees, can you spot it in the tree branches photo? We saw A LOT of red-winged blackbirds on the Wetland Trail. June was calling back to them saying “beep!” when they called their hard, short, chuck-like call. She also decided that all birds singing and tweeting at the house are her baby chicks chirping in the basement. We had all the main floor windows open today to let the wind blow through (it was crazy windy today). She kept saying “I hear baby chicks!” when she would hear wild bird songs through the windows.

It was TOO hot today. Hit 90’F!!! Where is spring? I put melon chunks in my ice water and after an hour or so of steeping, boy did that taste delicious on this June/July?August-like day. June wouldn’t try it….she won’t consume fruit period anymore. Cooked veggies and beans are still a go, thank goodness.

The violets in the yard are blooming! The trees are budding! Apple trees, too. Wonder if we will finally get some apples this year from our dwarf Honeycrisp trees? I think we planted them in 2009. We are heading to Seed Savers Exchange this weekend and hope to buy another apple variety, an heirloom. This will be our first trip to Seed Savers. I’ll definitely take photos for the blog!


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