Nana & Papa Visit!








We had a great little visit with the maternal grandparents this weekend—Nana and Papa Hammond as the kids call them due to the fact they live in a town called Hammond (well, the rural part of Hammond). Coralee has been calling her grandma and grandpa Nana and Papa Hammond since she was able to acknowledge them verbally. The other set of grandparents we call Nana and Papa ‘B’–I’m sure we can all figure that one out! πŸ˜‰

We have an abundance of eggs all of a sudden–yeah for the happy hens here at the Bodeker Coop! Nana Hammond forgot to take a dozen home when she left for Wisconsin this morning (or Ruby forgot to give them to her). Guess we will be eating several hearty meals this week.

Nana Hammond made us an apple pie and it was delish. LOVE her apple pies even with store-bought apples (she finally ran out of her stash of frozen apples from her tree).

Nana, Papa, June, and I went downtown Vinton on Friday for lunch at La Reyna. Afterwards June stretched her legs a bit and Papa had to run her down. Too cute. Prior to our lunch us four drove south to Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center for a toddler program. June seemed to have a love/hate relationship with the resident turtle at Wickiup and alternated between being fascinated and petting the turtle and screaming bloody-murder and hollering “keep me safe” while burying her face in my legs. We also went for a long hike out at Wickiup, may have been a bit too long for Papa. It was a very windy day in Iowa and neither Papa nor I like the wind, so that may have affected Papa’s desire to “get the hike over with.” June rode in my soft-structured carrier on my back–my Tula–and fell asleep on the hike. I LOVE when she does that…nothing more satisfying than hiking in nature with a little one asleep on your back.

Merritt had his music concert at school Thursday night. Mr. Zeimer, his music teacher, did a fantastic job decorating the old, shabby gym with colorful umbrellas and kites. It was a K-4th concert with the theme “Singing in the Rain,” although there were zero songs sung from either the musical itself or even about spring weather, so it was a bit misleading. Merritt sang (I could tell) and was a very well-behaved little boy, too.

In case you were not aware, I live in Iowa and pelicans do not live here as a rule. The White Pelican migrates through both spring and fall. There have been over 30 White Pelicans taking up residence on the backwater of the Cedar River just north of the town of Vinton (our nearest town) since mid-week last week and the sight is amazing! Papa and I parked near the pelicans on Friday after lunching at La Reyna and hiked a bit down to the water to see the pelicans. Papa counted over 30. The photo I snapped is not quality as I only had my iPhone on me and not my big lens. I am amazed by birds almost daily. There is just something about birds….I am sure I will be fascinated until the day I leave this earth. Hope you all had a lovely SPRING weekend!? Tell me about it in the comments! (ahem, Aunt Ellie) ❀


4 thoughts on “Nana & Papa Visit!

  1. Great post Ruby Faye! And great pics too! Your Dad and I DID have a great weekend visiting you all. I’ll be back before you know it, maybe with another pie? Just ask! Merritt’s concert was great, am looking forward to Coralee’s in just a few more days. Have a great week! Hugs, Mom


    • Can’t wait for you to visit again! I’ll buy more apples. πŸ˜‰

      The white pelicans have all vanished when I checked this morning. Heading north again! They must have followed you two.


      • I’m sure that’s why the pelican’s left – they are heading out too! So happy the sun is shining here – I finally moved my spider plants onto the porch. Yeah! And the pond is receding – much to Dad’s delight. Have a good day! Hugs, Mom


  2. Ahem, Ruby, I’m replying!!!! πŸ™‚
    Hmm, what did I do this Spring weekend? Oh, yes – lots and lots and lots and too much homework. Oh, and a little woodchuck hunting! Now that was fun! πŸ™‚ Cool about the pelicans. We’ve got many sandhill cranes around our place and it’s pretty cool seeing and hearing them!


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