Yarn Along (Wednesday)

What’s on the needles (OTN) for the Bodeker Babies? (I have plenty of projects OTN for my business Ella Mae Knits & my knitting class, but those are not my knitting loves, of course). This is called Bulle by Karen Borrel. It is written to be a short-sleeved sweater, but I am altering the pattern for my little girl June (25months) to be a dress with long-sleeves now and then hopefully she can keep wearing it for a couple years and, as she grows, it will slowly transition into a tunic/sweater on her. I’m using Knit Picks Alpaca Tweed in Kitten for the fawn-colored stripes and then various colors of Knit Picks 100% Merino Wool for the more delightful, colorful stripes. I am close to being finished with the main body. A throughly enjoyable knit! I can’t wait for June to wear it! I plan to knit my older daughter a Bulle sweater (as the pattern is written) once June’s is finished. MY girls LOVE to match each other in dress–so sweet. Wonder how long that will last?


I am participating in the Small Things blog’s Yarn Along on Wednesdays. LOVE Ginny’s blog. Find her recent Yarn Along post here. I am currently not reading an actual book, but rather perusing the Seed Savers Exchange newsletter/magazine & seed catalog.



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