Back to School!

It was raining this morning so we took the outdoor pics after school. Although the day started out gloomy and misty, it was sunny when the kids got off the bus at the Middle School in Vinton. Both bus rides went well! Coralee sat with old friends from her days in 2nd grade at Tilford; Merritt had a seat to himself on the way to school and sat with a fellow 2nd grader & friend Tanner on the return trip. Merritt found his best friend Levi at recess and they got to help the recess associate remove mushrooms with paper towels. Coralee ate lunch with her bosom friend Emma. Both had a great first day!!









2 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. Oh Ruby thanks so much for this! I’ve been thinking about my little grandbabies all day and just hoping they had a good first day and good bus ride. I miss them so! Such great pics, have to download them for a backdrop on my computer. Love to all you guys! Thanks again!!! Nana Hammond


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